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Before the advent of the internet, new authors would try to get their books into bookstores and send all of their family and friends into ask:


Is “Book ABC” was available.


If a bookstore owner or national chain got enough requests for a book, they’d order some and put them on the shelves to see if they would sale.


But in this “post-Borders” era of the internet with most of the mom-and-pop and independent bookstores closing, the way to get your book out to the world and selling have changed.


Think about it. Not only did the internet change the way we buy and consume books but also changed the way we market authors who are launching new books.


In the days before Amazon and the Internet, publishers utilized traditional forms of media to let the world know that a new book had launched. Advertising in media was limited to newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, posters, media interviews, direct mail, and book fairs/shows and ads in industry-specific trade journals and buying ads to get in front of regional and national bookstore buyers. While some of those traditional methods still work, they have diminished in effectiveness.


Now it’s all about Social Media

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Instagram

  • Podcasts

  • Press Releases

  • Public Relations

  • Email Marketing


It’s not just enough to know these facts. You must know how to implement your book-launch strategy on social media so that you can create awareness,anticipation, and participation at your book launch and beyond. Smart authors, at least the ones who sale the most books, have an engaged, active, and growing online community of loyal, raving fans, followers and friends that like, share, and comment their content to help them go viral.


Smart authors know that if they love and respect their fans, their fans will become their greatest evangelists when it’s time to launch their next book.













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