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“Ignite Success” with Elizabeth Cantey from Living Enlightened

Elizabeth Cantey
Founder and Owner at Living Enlightened
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On “Ignite Success,” Sherrie Clark welcomes outstanding leaders to this uplifting and interesting show, filled with practical advice and tips for business professionals. This week, Sherrie sits down with Elizabeth Cantey from Living Enlightened.

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Short company description:

Living Enlightened llc is dedicated to helping people integrate spirit, mind, and body 
in order to live each day with a deep sense of purpose, passion and fulfillment. We believe everyone can love their life, and live their passion, right where they are, and we teach principles and practices to help them do this.

How do you define success?

True success is loving your life and living authentically.

If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

Loving life, living authentically, helping others to do the same.

How has your business changed in the past 12 months?

I think anyone who is committed to serve others are looking for ways to stay relevant in a virtual world. I am asking myself, how do I help others learn to reduce stress, tension, to be healthy and happy, to integrate spirit, mind and body in a meaningful and profound way—virtually—without a brick and mortar building, without walls…

What are your biggest goals in the next 12 Months for your business?

Creating evergreen workshops on meditation and mindfulness, and a workshop based on my new book, Living Enlightened—The Joy of Integrating Spirit, Mind and Body. Sharing ways to love our lives online!

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