The following is our proud list of clients, past and present, as well as past occupations and projects we’ve performed for a variety of companies:


  1. Incipient, Mobile App Development, Rutherford, New Jersey

  2. Justice Coalition, Copywriter, a high-profile nonprofit for innocent victims of violent crimes in Jacksonville, Florida

  3. Stop Child Trafficking Now, Copywriter & Editor, a nonprofit organization in Tulsa, Oklahoma

  4. The Demand Project, Copywriter & Editor, a nonprofit organization in Jenks, Oklahoma, fighting against human trafficking

  5. AIT International Corporation, Copywriter, a fast-growing technology company in New York, New York

  6. Life Renewal, Inc., Marketing Consultant, Board of Directors Member, Editor, a nonprofit counseling organization in Jacksonville, Florida

  7. Incipient Corporation, Copywriter, a web & product development firm in Rutherford, New Jersey

  8. Beyond Publishing, Copywriter, a publishing company located in Los Angeles, California

  9. SLR Collaborative, Copywriter, a marketing firm in Jacksonville, Florida

  10. Metro Kids, Copywriter, a nonprofit organization in Jacksonville, Florida

  11. Examiner.com, Journalist, an online publication

  12. JaxChristian.org, Journalist, an online publication

  13. Dance for a Harvest, Copywriter, a nonprofit that teaches dance in Jacksonville, Florida and performs mission work

  14. Destiny Changers Foundation, Copywriter, a nonprofit that provides job training in Jacksonville, Florida

  15. BIZIT App, Copywriter, a mobile app company in New York, New York

  16. Humphrey Media Group, Jacksonville, FL

  17. SLP Ministries, Book Editor, a nonprofit ministry in Jacksonville, Florida

  18. Watchers Eagles Ministry Int’l., a nonprofit ministry in St. Augustine, Florida

  19. Harvest Workers, Copywriter, Television Station and Online Channel


  • Jeff Larish, Major League Baseball Player, AZ

  • Amit Shah, Corporate CEO, Rutherford, NJ

  • Freddie Tyler, Olympic Gold Medalist, Orlando, FL

  • Alix Walsh, Orange Park, FL

  • Michele Fleming, Counselor, Jacksonville, FL

  • Lisa King, Best-Selling Author, XXXXX

  • Lauren Daniels, Best-Selling Author, XXX

  • Floy Turner, Best-Selling Author, Special Agent (Ret.), Vero Beach, FL

  • Lonnie Lane, Best-Selling Author, Jacksonville, FL

  • Cadence McCall, Radio Show Host, Jacksonville, FL

  • Fidel Donaldson, Podcast Host, Minister, Jacksonville, FL

  • Niya Burden, Customer Service, Jacksonville, FL

  • Donna Brown, Best-Selling Author, Homicide Sergeant (Ret.), Tallahassee, FL

  • Marsha Geoghagan, TBN Affiliate WJEB-TV, Jacksonville, FL

  • Alyosha Rabinov, Pianist, Israel

  • Emily Tanski, High School Student, Branford, CT

  • Joanne Bracewell, Nurse Practitioner, Georgia

  • Karen Masood, Ministry, Ocala, FL

  • Kay Francis, MFT, Chicago, IL

  • Angel Casiano, Author, Podcast Host, Fairbanks, Alaska

  • Sheri Powell, Author, Orange Park, FL

  • Paul Schippel, Contractor, Ministry, Cape Coral, FL

  • Vic Cuccia, Pastor, Jacksonville, FL

  • Stacey Hawkins, Chef, New York

  • Sook Marino, MD, Orange Park, FL

  • Tracey Pollackov, Author, Jacksonville, FL

  • Regina Jackson, Teacher, Dallas, TX

  • Ed Colton, Evangelist, Jacksonville, FL

  • Chandronette Mobley, Author, Podcast Host, Jacksonville, FL

  • Malaki, Evangelist, Berea, KY

  • Randy Ganther, Author, Screenwriter, Eau Claire, WI

  • Anthony Edwards, Chaplain, Author, Las Vegas, NV

  • Earnest Davis, Vietnam Vet, Jacksonville, FL

  • Deborah Davis, Author, Jacksonville, FL

  • Martha Owens, Author, St. Augustine, FL

  • Michael Williams, Teacher, Jacksonville, FL

  • Rogina Gale, University Administrator, Jacksonville, FL

  • Priscilla Ruiz, Evangelist, New York

  • Nadina Williams, Author, Grenada

  • Kathy Robinson, Minister, Jacksonville, FL

  • Lucie Poirier, Minister, Jacksonville, FL

  • Joyce Hardnett, Author, Jacksonville, FL

  • Tracy Hammons, Author, Jacksonville, FL

  • Tronda Graham, Massage Therapist, KY


  1. New York City Police Department, Police Officer

  2. Blog Talk Radio, Creator, Producer, Host, Copywriter, an online podcast platform

  3. Oasis of Peace, Inc., Copywriter & Editor, a nonprofit organization for domestic violence victims

  4. Storehouse Publishing, LLC, Co-Owner, Writer & Editor, a publishing company

  5. TheAuthorship.net, Founder, Writer, Author Coach, a website that teaches aspiring authors how to write books

  6. Northeast Florida Foster/Adoptive Parent Association, Board of Directors Member

  7. Bank On It!, Sales and Marketing, a company that sold payment solutions

  8. Hubbard House, Finance and Human Resources, a domestic violence shelter in Jacksonville, Florida

  9. Storehouse Media Group, LLC, Owner, Writer & Editor, a company that publishes books and provides podcast platforms for show hosts


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