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Nothing can boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking like hosting your own podcast.



1) Be seen as an authority in your field.

People prefer to buy books from experts and nothing can create “expert-status” quicker than hosting your own podcast around the topic of your book.


  • Interview Experts in Your Area of Expertise-
    Nothing can set you apart and establish your credibility quite like owning your own podcast and interviewing experts.
  • Getting recognized by Google as an Authority on Your Topic-SEO. For example if you wrote a book on parenting wouldn’t it be great if your book ranked right up next to Dr. Dobson and Dr. …..on parenting? That’s what a podcast does it helps others find you based on your area of expertise and your keywords.

While it may sound intriguing and exciting to have your own podcast setting up a new podcast can be a lot of work from; choosing a name, branding your show, identifying who your guests will be, scheduling the interviews, recording the interviews, sharing your shows on social media  and archiving the interviews for others to find, and listen to at a future date.
Whether you’re someone who has a message to share, a story to tell, or an issue to address, having the ability to give the world the opportunity to hear or view it is essential. As more and more people are obtaining their news and information online, having the capability to meet them where they’re at is just as paramount as the message itself.
Whether you’ve always wanted your own radio talk show or venue to share your music; you want to increase your exposure and credibility for your business or establish yourself as an expert in your profession; you’re an author, and you want to talk about your book’s message and contents; you’re the principal of a school, and you want to use this as a platform to communicate to your students and parents, a podcast or videocast is the way to go!
Whatever your reason(s), you’ve come to the right place. Storehouse Media Productions, the media division of Storehouse Publishing, LLC, offers business owners, authors, ministries and those who want to share a Christian message and/or gospel, counselors, teachers and principals, musicians, and just about anyone else the platform to reach out to the world.



Here is what you get when you host a show with

Storehouse Media Productions


  • Placing and airing your podcast and/or videocast on the major platforms that offer Billions of downloads/views, ensuring that you get as much exposure as possible and increasing your potential for more viewers and listeners.
  • Just show up for your show, and let us do all of the techie stuff. In fact, we have a full-time System Board Operator who will program your show, operate the controls, and stay with you and your show from start to finish. All you need to do is talk or perform, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Caller Screening for live shows
  • Your own page on the Storehouse Publishing website that displays all of your shows.
  • 15% discount on “How to Produce Your Own Podcast/Videocast” course and Workbook.

Starting at less than it takes to for a couple to go to the movies and buy popcorn, you can have your own thirty-minute show. Just contact us to schedule your first show.






Each additional 30-minute show: $XX per show
Distribute show to additional platforms: $XX per platform per show
Create slideshow for Podcast (Audio only): $XX per show up to 3 slides;then $XX per slide
Logo: $XXX
Intro/Outro (professional voice over with music): $XXX
Text Transcription (turning your audio into readable content/text): $XX
Edit Show Description and Bio: $10.00 per 100 words
Ghostwrite Show Description & Bio: $XXX
Video Trailer for Show: $297???
Add sponsorship ad, banner, or logo on show page: $XX
Video Editing: $XXX
Audio Editing: $XX
Professional Studio Film Time $XXXX
Radio Station $XXXX
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