Book Publishing

You’re finally ready to inspire the world with your book…

Have you been working on your manuscript for years or just a few weeks?

We can help you with the publishing, marketing and on your way to Best-Seller!


Everyone who knows your story tells you that you should right a book right?


We hear that from new authors like you all of the time and this is why we’re glad you found us. You see writing a book is kind of like building a house, you might have a great idea of what you want but maybe you don’t want to do the plumbing or the electrical yourself, we get that and that’s why we’re here. We are your full service book publisher, book marketing and book distribution company that can take your book idea to best-seller and beyond.


Whether you want to reach Best-Seller and go on all the talk shows or just get your book out to your family and friends, we’re here for you.


You want to get published, but you just don’t know where to start? We believe that that is why you found us. You see, we don’t believe in accidents either. Now is the time to get the help you need to get your book out to the world and start touching many lives with your story!


Once upon a time people went to bookstores to buy books. Now with the internet not only are people finding books online but books are finding readers too! Do you feel like you’re coming too late for the internet boom? Don’t worry we can help you.


There is still time for you to own your brand connected with your book topic, help you build your virtual stage of influence and connect with readers and content expert enthusiasts who are about to find your when they do a Google search for your topic. The internet is still young and your chance to carve out a niche is now. The opportunity to be an expert on your topic won’t be this good for long so we should have a sense of urgency in getting your content online quickly. Let us help you publish your book, establish your brand and help you make an impact with your story that will last for years to come.



You’re finally ready to inspire the world with your message or story…



So whether your dream is to become a Best-Selling Author or popular Radio Show Host (or maybe both), you’ve come to the right place!


We can help you take your idea, your story, your message—your passion—and put it on the pages of a book and into the airwaves so that it can be shared with the world.


Storehouse Media Group is a full-service media company that caters to authors and show hosts. In fact, we take the phrase “full service” to heart.


We’re not just about books. We’re not just about podcasts. We’re about your message…your story…your passion. And getting your message…your story…your passion out to the world.


We take you wherever you’re at, be it concept; be it how to write your book, finish your book, and publish your book; be it hosting your own podcast. We take your book and your voice to the world. And we hold your hand throughout the process of achieving your dream.


We’re different because we will not stop there. We can take your passion and shine a spotlight on it so that it gets the attention of larger audiences…of the right audiences. Our tried-and-proven marketing services and public relations team get proven results for you in the shortest amount of time possible!


Our team of professionals have years of experience in the media industry. We will not try to cram you into the “one-size-fits-all” mold. Instead, we give you the personalized attention you deserve, and our seasoned team members collaborate on your individual, specific needs to provide a solution that’s best for you.


And then we go to work for you!






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