Best-Seller Programs


Getting Your Book the attention it deserves is what happens when you go #1 on Amazon and other Best-Seller lists.

There are over one million new books published each year in the USA alone. Making your book stand out in the midst of the noise can be a daunting task.


Amazon Platinum Guaranteed Best Seller

We suggest starting with our Amazon Platinum Guaranteed Best Seller, which includes:

  • 90-Day Virtual Book Launch Event on Facebook (optimized with keywords & meta description)
  • Author Central Page optimized with Author info and Book info
  • Bitly link created for maximum tracking of book activity
  • Graphics pack of plug and play promotional images to promote you on all social media
  • Facebook ads$600 strategically targeting your target market – New Fans up to 750
  • Book Pre-Sale activity tracked
  • Two emails blasts to our list of 2,000 authors about your book launch
  • 20 of our JV partners sharing your book on their wall the morning of your launch. 
  • Amazon 5-Star reviewsOur JV partners buy your book and leave you a 5-star Amazon review x 20
  • 50 Facebook book groups shares – Our team targets your genre’s groups
  • Nationally Syndicated Press Release on PRWeb (top release including writing, optimizing and social sharing to 1 million + fans–a $900 value) Includes media pickups from online news outlets i.e.: local CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, affiliates, etc…Valuable backlinks {Search Engine Optimization–SEO value to your Website})
  • Valuable backlinks (Search Engine Optimization [SEO] value to your Website)
  • Targeted Social Media thrust on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube through all of our JV Book Launch Partners.
  • Creating #InTheNewsImages tab on your Facebook Fan page using screen capture. We post and repurpose your media pickups as an evergreen LIVE #intheNews feed to feature you, your message, and your brand getting traction with the links to your news story. We also share these “Success Stories” as part of your ongoing social media campaign. and shareable memes’ as seen on Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS
  • Screen capture your #1-moment and provide you with many angles and pictures
  • 6 professional images for use in all of your promo: Websites, Social, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…
    BONUS: Your book included in our Beyond Publishing spring catalog.

#1 on the New York Times Best Seller

Nothing says you’ve arrived like a New York Times Best-Seller, and our Joint Venture partner has never missed with 90+ clients and a 100% success rating. If it were baseball you could say we’re batting 1000!


It is a process and takes a strategy, but once you decide you want it, we go to work with a game plan for you to make it happen.


Since the gestation phase could take a year or longer, we suggest getting started with this program sooner than later to get on the best-seller list every author dreams of making.


Before our strategy meeting where we learn the route you want to take with your Best-Seller, we are unable to give you exact numbers in terms of potential revenue. Consider the Best-Seller Campaign the foundation for other activities; it increases exposure and drives sales to other areas of your business.

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