Author Public Relations


Author Public Relations

For the Fiction author and the Non-Fiction author having a solid Public Relations strategy is key to properly launching a book that gets the attention it deserves. The internet has changed the way Public Relations are done but the principal is the same; to have a PR strategy that gets you and your book platform noticed. What is your book platform? Think of Miss Florida competing for the Miss America title, all of those contestants have a “platform” that is a cause or an issue they are passionate about that they talk about every time they are on stage or on the news. As an author one of the best ways to help your story go viral is to adopt a platform you are passionate about and learn how to speak intelligently and passionately in 30, 60 and 90 second sound bites that the media can quickly use to get your platform and ultimately your book in front of more viewers, listeners and readers. What is included in Author Public Relations? Author Public Relations includes: your story (why you wrote your book and who you are), your pitch angle, that is the story we “pitch” to the media about your book and who needs to read your book. It includes traditional forms of media like: newspaper and magazine advertisements, radio and television ads, radio and tv interviews, billboard ads and press releases. It also includes all forms of new media like: social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, online ads like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube ads not to mention mobile ads on apps and smart phones.

At the core of every authors’ PR Success is a compelling story. As an author you want to have a compelling story about WHY you wrote your book. This applies to writers of fiction and non-fiction. For example if you wrote a book FORGETTING FRANK 7 things I learned in Coping with my Father’s Dementia weave the WHY you wrote the book into your story. It will help you get more viral traction and shares online and gives your story that “human element” that media types are looking for when they are looking to do a story in your genre. In a future blog post we’ll discuss how to get more media interviews by leveraging the editorial calendar with your story and book.

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