Author Media Placement


Author Media Placement

In the old days of launching books before the internet the publishing goal was to get 3,000 people talking about your book and going into bookstores to ask if  the bookstore carried your book. The internet has changed all of that and the new rule of media placement is about being in the right place at the right time. The following 3 point strategy can help increase the odds of favorable media pick-up:

  • Follow the Editorial Calendars  (click for more)
  • Pitching the correct media angle to the correct journalist (click for more)
  • Have Storehouse Media get you placed in traditional media channels (click for more) for interviews by starting local and regional before moving to national interviews.

In a future blog post we will show you the best way to get your book launch story into the local newspaper.

Author Content Creation

As difficult as writing and completing your manuscript may have been, many authors will say, it’s a piece of cake compared to the marketing. Once the manuscript is finished the real work of marketing begins. Just as important as it was to create compelling content for the manuscript it becomes equally important to generate world-class social media content, blog content and PR content to get your book launch activities noticed by local, regional, and national media outlets, show producers, interviewers and journalists.

Why would an author need help with content creation for marketing?

The content you created for the book is different than the content you’ll create for the marketing. It’s difficult for most authors to write a press release about their own literary work simpley because it’s hard to emotionally remove oneself from their own story and write it as a third party journalist and that’s exactly what needs to happen. No worries, we have content creation specialists that can help you write compelling Press Releases, Social Media Content, Video Book Trailers and Blog posts that  will attract the most relevant journalists to contact you about your story.

One of the reoccurring themes you will see us emphasize at and it is because it is so very important for every new author who wants their story to go viral is you must have a compelling “About the Author” bio. And that bio must be seen everywhere. On your Facebook, Linkedin, Author Central, Good Reads, Your Website and of course inside your book and a shorter version on the back of your book. You will want it used anytime you speak or are interviewed or introduced on stage. It will help establish your credibility on WHY you are the expert on your topic and coming from an interviewer or emcee who is reading it will give you the third party credibility that is needed for you to get up and make your point and sell more books in the quickest amount of time possible.

In a future blog post we will go into detail on how to write a compelling author bio and how to syndicate it out to as many social media sites, websites and blogs as possible to give you maximum impact.

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